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REPUBLIC ACT No. 10587 is an Act regulating the practice of Environmental Planning, repealing for the purpose Presidential Decree No. 1308, entitled “Law regulating the environmental planning profession in the Philippines” and for other purposes.

This law strengthens the practice of environmental planning and at the same time provides important mandates among others but not limited to the following;

A. Providing professional services in the form of technical consultation, rendering of technical advice, plan preparation, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation of implementation involving the following:

  1. National, regional or local development and/or physical framework and comprehensive land-use plans;
  2. Zoning and related ordinances, codes and other legal issuances for the development and management, preservation, conservation, rehabilitation, regulation and control of the environment, including all land, water, air and natural resources;
  3. Planning and development of a barangay, municipality, city, province, region or any portion or combination thereof; and
  4. Development of a site for a particular need or special purpose, such as economic or ecological zones; tourism development zones; and housing and other estate development projects, including the creation of any other spatial arrangement of buildings, utilities, transport and communications;

B.  In relation to any of the activities enumerated in paragraph (a) above, preparing the following studies:

  1. Pre-feasibility, feasibility and other related concerns;
  2. Environmental assessments; and
  3. Institutional, administrative or legal systems;

Another significant milestone on this law is the provision under Section 34 where the Civil Service Commission (CSC) shall create positions and set qualification standards for environmental planners at various levels in government service, including government-owned and -controlled corporations and other entities. After the lapse of five (5) years from the effectivity of this Act (May 27, 2013), only registered and licensed environmental planners shall be appointed to the position of heads and assistant heads of groups, departments, divisions in government offices, agencies, bureaus or instrumentalities thereof, including government-owned and -controlled corporations, provinces, cities and municipalities, and such other positions which require the knowledge, skills and competence and qualifications of registered and licensed environmental planners. Appointments made thereafter in violation hereof shall be considered null and void.

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