transported-logs1YES, transport permit is mandatory, otherwise, your forest products will be considered illegal and subject for apprehension and seizure pursuant to section 68 of Presidential Decree 705 as amended by Executive Order no. 277 series of 1987.

Under DENR Administrative Order No. 97 – 32 section 2.a, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has further distinguished the word illegal forest products for easy determination.  In this case, it pertains to any forest products removed, cut, collected, processed and / or transported under the following circumstances, viz;

  1. Without the requisite authorization or permit; or
  2. With incomplete required supporting documents
  3. With genuine authorization or permit and / or supporting documentation that have an expired validity, have been cancelled or that contain forged entries; or
  4. With spurious (fake) authorizations, permits and/or supporting documentation.

In implementing the aforementioned policies, ORIGINAL documents shall be required AT ALL TIMES to actually accompany any forest products being moved or transported to any place and for any purpose. Whenever the requisite authorization and/or supporting documentation are required to but do not actually accompany the forest products, such absence constitutes a violation under the law.