sec-ginaRecently, Secretary Regina Paz L. Lopez of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has issued DENR Administrative Order No. 2016 – 30  re: Guidelines in the conduct of alternative dispute resolution in land management and disposition involving claims and conflicts in the disposition and management of public lands, including but not limited to;

  1. Agricultural free patent
  2. Residential free patent
  3. Homestead patent
  4. Sales patent
  5. Lease of public lands
  6. Proclamations covering alienable and disposable lands
  7. Special patents
  8. Survey / delineation of public lands
  9. Friar lands disposition and
  10. Disposition of patrimonial properties of the Government

ADR is a process or procedure used to resolve a dispute or controversy, other than by adjudication of a presiding judge of a court or an officer of a government agency, whereby, a neutral third party participates to assist in the resolution of issues, which include arbitration, mediation, conciliation, early neutral evaluation, mini – trial or any combination thereof.

Under the said policy, a committee on ADR is hereby being institutionalized in the DENR as the in – charge of the overall implementation pertaining to land management and disposition with that ardent hope of resolving and expediting land claims and conflicts between and among parties without arriving at any courts of justice.  Nevertheless, it will lessen / reduce time and expenses of the parties to  the case while on the other hand, reduce cases filed  at the proper courts and finally, save taxpayers money.